What Everybody Should Know About the No Contact Rule for Guys When to Use and How Effective Is

No Contact Rule: If your boyfriend or girlfriend has recently left you, it's safe to assume that what you're going through can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster. Your natural instinct is to call, text, or email your ex. You've heard that how you react to a breakup can play a big role in whether or not you can get your ex back and you don't want to spoil it. If you want to know if the No Contact Rule works, read on.

The "No Contact Rule" after a breakup can be used for a variety purpose. It can be used as a tactic to help you heal and move on permanently from your ex or it can be the important stage in helping you to get your ex back.

The problem is that even though many know what the no contact rule is, they truly don’t know how to use it or they don’t get the proper information on the subject. The results end up being the same, and that’s most people use no contact completely wrong!

The reason for this boils down to not knowing what to do during this period. As if no contact with your ex wasn’t hard enough, right?

No Contact Rule

No Contact Rule Stages

What Everybody Should Know About the No Contact Rule? Through my many interactions with heartbroken people (both in person and online), it has become apparent that many people simply don't know or don't have the discipline to follow the No Contact Rule for Guys. Breaking up with someone you love (especially if you are the one who was dumped) requires you to understand and implement this rule perfectly.

When I used it about 8 years ago, I used it to try to get a woman back into my life who had broken my heart. I was a rebound guy, and after she got what she needed from me, she threw me onto the sidewalk. I was hurt, but stumbled upon the No Contact Rule as a reverse psychology method, in an attempt to make her think I was above her, to try to drag her back by crawling towards me. It didn't work, but what I learned was that while it can have that effect on the dump, the No Contact Rule Work if We Were Dumped, get past it.

When she first left me, I kept picking up the phone and emailing her, trying to at least be friends with her. Now I know it wasn't such a good idea. Deep down, I knew I was just trying to stay friends with her in hopes that we'd get back together someday in the future. Now I know that my tactics backfired as I only pushed her, which pushed her further and further away from me.

Disclaimer: The No Contact Rule cannot be used if there are children involved. Children have to come first, and for both parents to remain involved in children's lives, a certain level of communication is required between the two of you. If you have children involved, at least during this period of time, you should tell them very little about what is happening in your life, as your ex will definitely find out what is happening in your life through your children. Even if it hurts not to be as honest with your children as you normally would, just understand that this is only temporary...

If no children are involved, implement the No Contact Rule the moment they leave. If you lived together, no contact will begin the moment one of you moves in, as there will obviously be a need to communicate as you discuss who is moving in and make final arrangements to separate from the shared residence.

Are you following me so far? Good. Now let's take a look at the details of No Contact. No contact means absolutely, positively, no contact with your ex... No calls, no texts, no Facebook messages, nothing. In fact, it is probably best that you remove them from your friends list just to avoid the temptation to contact them or see what they are saying on Facebook. This time it's about getting your life back, and the more you communicate with them, the longer it will take you to get back to your old self, and the less chance you'll have of getting your ex back.

If you follow these rules carefully, there is a chance that you will get called eventually, which is what you want, right?

Please listen carefully to this... If and when they do, it is of the utmost importance that you keep the conversation short and sweet... 5 minutes max. Don't say anything about what's going on in your life. If they ask, say something like "everything is fine, I've just been busy with work" and ask the same question. The idea is that you don't want to appear desperate, you want to make it seem like everything in your life is fantastic (even if you're dying inside and missing yourself like crazy).

If they call you and leave you a voicemail, wait a few days and give them a call, ask what they need, and apologize, letting them know that you were busy and that you're sorry it took you so long to get back to them. You want to create some curiosity on their behalf, so once again, keep the conversation short. Let them know that you will have to contact them soon, but that you must go.

I must admit I stumbled learning this through trial and error when my heart was broken. I wish I had known this information when I was first dumped as I would have gotten over it much faster than the 4 months of heartbreak I experienced, but you my friend do not learn from my mistake.

You're going to do this for a month or so to see if your ex who dumped you is going to crawl back.

The purpose of this is to drive you crazy with curiosity and make you wonder how and why you can get on with your life so soon. If your relationship has the slightest chance of surviving in the eyes of your ex, this is extremely effective for your ex to communicate with you. If they call you, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will get back together and live happily ever after, but at least now they have influence, as well as the opportunity to talk to them about their relationship issues and to discuss whether or not they can work things out. 

No Contact Rule for Guys

When to Use the No Contact Rule

So, what is the no-contact rule all about and why is it an important step in getting your ex back? Make no mistake, there is a lot more than most think.

The importance of the no contact rule is paramount, and you will get an idea of how this step in your strategy of getting your ex back will be vital to your success.

First some questions. If the questions below apply to you, we recommend that you read this article and follow the links at the bottom:

Do you hope to one day get your ex back after a breakup?

Is everything you're doing right now just pushing your ex further away from you?

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No Contact Rule Stages

Does the No Contact Rule Work If You Were Dumped

Did you answer yes to these two important questions? Chances are, and here's a brief overview of the importance of the No Contact Rule after a breakup and how the No Contact Rule for Guys works:

  • 1. It weakens your attachment

Feelings don't go away overnight, and if it was you who broke up, you can use this fact to your advantage. It is true that we get used to having someone around when we are in a relationship. We become attached. That means both parties feel this.

No contact helps to weaken this attachment and it is essential that you do so. After a breakup and being abandoned, you will be an irrational state. This will not be attractive to your ex at all.

You have to get back to being rational, get over the breakup, control your emotions, and get your head straight again. It is almost impossible to do these things if you are constantly in contact with an ex who is the source of your negative emotions.

Remember that fact goes both ways. This is often the reason why the dumper will likely move away from the dumped. These are negative emotions, and your ex may have feelings of guilt whenever you are around. Or, perhaps, and most likely, you are fueling negative emotions within your ex for certain behaviors that you are doing (discussed more in the later points below).

The only real difference is that if you were the one who ditched your ex's ego, pride and confidence will not be affected. Yours will be, and you have to fix it. Why? Because it is not attractive. You have to weaken your own attachment to your ex, stop giving him power over you, and this can only be done if you recover and get over the breakup so that you can become rational and attractive again.

Your emotions will be shaky after a breakup. It's pretty normal, which brings me to point number two.

  • 2. Breaking mistakes 

Keep him from making big mistakes! Being abandoned never feels good. It can take a big toll on your ego, your shyness, and your sanity.

Depression and frustration are common. Unfortunately, it's also common to constantly harass your ex by trying to convince him to accept you. When your ex doesn't want any of that, it's also common to get frustrated and say and do stupid things to him.

These actions of constantly chasing them and fighting with your ex will only do one thing, and that will push them away even further. The no contact rule after a breakup prevents you from making more damaging mistakes and getting into a bigger hole.

The sooner you can stop making harmful breakup mistakes, the better. Remember, the more you leave your ex with negative images of you, the more you will have to reverse them later to attract them again. The next point will help a little more to solve this problem. It won't completely fix it, but it will help.

  • 3. It gives you and your ex space

Yes, no contact with an ex will give you the necessary space. They will discover what life is like without you.

It won't be around as a backup plan to catch your downfall if the grass isn't greener on the other side. You will not be around when they are going through a weak moment or are alone. It is in these moments that your ex's mind and thoughts will begin to turn to you and the good memories you once shared together.

However, this moment of not communicating with your ex just doesn't give them the space and time they need. It also gives you the necessary space and time away from them, which you will need! You will focus on yourself and you will be in a good place again.

No contact gives you time to regain your power and to free yourself from the power that your ex has over you. In the strategy of getting your ex back, no contact is the stage to heal, get rid of need and despair, and become safe and attractive again.

Do you really think you can win back an ex if you are depressed?

Do you think the best way to get your ex back is to be bitter, angry, and frustrated with him?

Is it attractive to be too needy and desperate to get them back?

Do you really think that constantly chasing and harassing them will put you on the good side of your ex?

I hope you haven't answered yes to any of the above questions!

These are just some of the reasons related to the importance of the No Contact Rule after a breakup.

How Effective Is No Contact Rule?

No Contact Rule in Relationship

How does the no contact rule work? Essentially, the no contact rule is self-explanatory. The No Contact rule means that immediately after the breakup, you should refrain from contacting your ex. This means all forms of communication, including calls, emails, messages, or even smoke signals. Stop all communication with your ex for at least a few weeks or a month. To increase your chances of getting your ex back, you must apply the No Contact Rule.

Find out how to get your ex back without a contact rule.

Does the no contact rule work and why is the no contact rule important?

Think of it this way, your ex broke up with you for her own reasons. The more you try to change their mind, persuade them to come back into your life, or convince them that what they are doing is wrong, the more you push your ex away from you.

Always remember that you HAVE NO CONTROL over anyone's feelings or emotions and when you keep contacting them, you are practically ignoring what your ex wants. Nobody likes being told how to feel or what to do and neither does their ex.

The scariest thing for someone who is going through a breakup is that their ex will move on with life without them and it is natural that you want to do everything you can to prevent that from happening.

This is why the No Contact rule is so important. It gives your ex a chance to reevaluate their own life without you trying to convince them (which will likely push them in the other direction). Remember, the No Contact Rule works only when you give your ex time and space to find out if they want you in their life.

When to Use The No Contact Rule

No Contact Rule Psychology

What to do during the no-contact period? The No Contact period will not be easy for you. Use this time to heal from the breakup. Once the No Contact period is over, you will be in a much better state and increase your chances of getting your ex back. Remember, you and your ex used to be madly in love. The only thing that changed was that the negative emotions of life stress slowly deteriorated their relationship.

Can you honestly say that you are the person you were when you and your ex started dating?

Probably not. Whatever caused her to break up, life and its harsh realities, slowly weakened her relationship and how she feels about herself. When you and your ex started dating, you both loved each other. Now you probably feel like you NEED your ex back. That is why the No Contact Rule works and is essential because it helps you change your state of mind from need back to want.

When you communicate with your ex, you are giving off a sense of despair and that is NOT attractive and will most likely push your ex further away from you.

What you have to do is change your mindset to attract your ex back. The no-contact rule works only when you attract love and don't demand it.

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To attract your ex to you, you must work on your inner self. This means, focus on improving whatever aspect of your own life you feel is lacking. The No Contact Rule works only if you take this time to improve your own life without your ex.

Maybe you have gotten in shape in the background. Take advantage of this period to get in shape. Or maybe you've let certain relationships drift while you and your ex were together, take this time to reconnect with those people. You can also make new friends.

In other words, you need to get out there and LIVE your life. This is how you can slowly heal from the inside out. Once you change your mind from needing your ex to loving your ex, you will set off a vibe that will draw your ex to you! Remember, the No Contact Rule works only if you follow it to the letter and use that time to improve yourself, so when the time comes to get in touch with your ex, he or she will instantly remember why you are. fell in love with you at first. site.

Feel free to comment to share your thoughts and experiences. Best of luck.

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