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    7 Reasons Why do Men Cheat with Ugly Women in Relationships

    Why do Men Cheat with Ugly Women? Now, I am not one to judge if you are ugly or not. Personally, I don't care what you look like because we're all God's creatures, right? Yes, I said "creature" - many times, men cheat just with that "creature". 

    Let me start over, if you've been doing physical, sending dirty pictures of your roast sandwich, dirty emails to MY man (not yours), I feel like I have a right to chew and spit on you (judge you). 

    Why Do Men Cheat, Reasons Why Men Cheat?

    Of course, some women have no idea that a man is in a relationship, but 9 times out of 10, the ugly one knows the story and just wants his page in the book. 

    Ah, a good part of my life, I've been in relationships with cheaters and I won't count (because I don't have enough fingers) how many times I've been cheated on by the ugly.

    You'd think if you were fooled, it would be an obvious "upgrade" to first class, but not quite. Remember the first time you found out there was another woman. 

    You started to imagine what she was like; Long flowing black hair, crystal blue eyes, olive skin tone, a figure to die for, and balls pure enough to bounce in a room. 

    It is natural for immediate jealousy to establish it. "Gee, I totally understand why I wanted to be with her, she is beautiful... damn bitch." 

    Then, the day comes... it was one of those days when boredom took over your soul and forced you to start browsing Facebook and... what? what is that? O-M-G, really? Is that SHE? 

    Did he cheat on me with HER? This is a joke. You mean to tell me I was cheated on by a furry troll? I mean, look at her, she's practically stepping on her own chest. 

    It looks like her nose is about to eat her face, "Nice to call you, I mean to meet you." Can you say TOPO? Mole-e-mole-e-mole-e. Oh shit, is that a hair that comes out of the mole. Double shit and triple mole. I am vomiting now.

    If her face looks that bad, I can only imagine what her private part looks like hoo haa. Oh hello Mr. Roast... hmm, I'm thinking of Arby's. Don't worry, there's enough roast for everyone!

    Yes, it speaks of a blow to the ego. Being cheated on with an ugly whore tends to make you feel just as ugly. 

    Not only does it make you feel like you have ugly stuff, it's almost unnerving and can leave you feeling dumbfounded, stupid. I don't want to mention old news, but did you take a look at the girl Tiger intimated who worked at Waffle House? 

    Not that there is anything wrong with getting a waffle or two, I'm trying to make a valid point here: it went from a model to a maker, that is, a waffle maker. 

    It was a great leap for humanity. What was my valid point? People are hungry beasts looking for their next prey, be it a shy waffle maker or the burly town whore. 

    Actually, there was no valid point: I wanted to vent. Anyway, it's time to get back to work: Why the hell do men cheat on ugly women? (If you are ugly, I apologize, I know you have feelings... but you are as ugly as you feel)

    Why do Men Cheat with Ugly Women?

    Why Do Men Cheat, Reasons Why Men Cheat, Why Do People Cheat in Relationships, Why Do Guys Cheat, Why Do People Cheat on Their Partners

    Why men feel the need to stick their wink at an ugly woman's stink? Why do Men Cheat? Here are some "Reasons Why Men Cheat" in this article below: -

    • 1. You need a quick fix

    No. 1 Reasons Why do Men Cheat "You need a quick fix" - Look, you know how long it takes to pursue a woman, well... a decent woman. He wants to dine, drink until you and 69 do. Most men in relationships don't have that kind of time. 

    I mean, between indulging, working, and flexing... there aren't enough hours in the day. So, when they are on the hunt, they look for easy targets. "Mmm, 5'2, 125 lbs., hairy mole, saggy chest... perfect." 

    While the mole lover is busy caught up in the whirlpool of attention, thinking that she is special (you are not) and thinking that she is hot (not yet), she is just trying to think of the easiest and fastest way to wet his cock. "You will do it". "Oh look, a private part with a pulse... it works for me." So sometimes the ugly ones are the easiest and fastest to debone.

    • 2. He is a physical addict

    No. 2 Reasons Why do Men Cheat "He is a physical addict" - We work with them; we are friends with them and some of us "are" them. Some physical addicts have trouble distinguishing between "ugly" and "pretty." 

    All private parts are the same to them, just another hole to get lost in. They do not discriminate against any private part; all private parts have feelings and all private parts need love. It is the duty of the physical addict to distribute and spread love and herpes. 

    Therefore, most physical addicts don't care what you look like, as long as you can lie on your back and spread them, you are one of the best candidates. Come on Peni!

    • 3. He's horny

    No. 3 Reasons Why do Men Cheat "He's horny" - I once dated this guy, oh, he was a savage, staying out all hours of the night while I was home with a 11:00 pm curfew. Yes people, it was years ago. 

    I found out that between my 11:00 pm and 8:00 am curfew (when curfew was lifted), he spent most of his time entertaining "pool hall" whores, hall whores of games and curvy prostitutes. 

    Well, they are not prostituting, but some look like it. So, when he got horny, whether I was there or not... he was going to clash the nasty with the nasty. I remember the first time a witness pointed out one of the girls he cheated on me with. MOLE! 

    Chubby mole! Hope for? My mole will kick your mole ass, bitch. Not really, I think I whimpered, stuck my tail, and went and cried under my bed. That was my first experience with the 'ugliest', don't tell me anything.

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    • 4. Has low self-esteem

    No. 4 Reasons Why do Men Cheat "Has low self-esteem" - Wah, poor baby doesn't feel good about himself, so he has to sneak into the Grand Canyon to feel something special. 

    Please explain to me why be intimate an ugly man makes you feel better about yourself. It's not like you've won an award, it's not like you've taken the road less traveled... everyone travels that road. Why don't you grab your balls, throw them over your shoulder, and suck them? 

    We all have low self-esteem issues, it's life and No, I won't RSVP for your little pity party. Go see a psychiatrist. Go to the mirror and tell yourself stupid things that make you feel better. Dating is not the way to go when it comes to raising self-esteem. 

    Oh, since you feel like a little boy, go find someone who is ugly than you so that you can feel superior while they feel inferior. Smooth move, idiot.

    • 5. Madonna / Whore Complex

    No. 5 Reasons Why do Men Cheat "Madonna / Whore Complex" - Oh, I love this one. I have experienced this first hand. Yeah, I had front row tickets for this bitch. 

    So, you get caught 'cheating' with a nasty homey skankaroo, mmmk, asking you for dirty roast beef sandwich photos. When they caught him and I asked, "Why the hell are you asking a homeless man for dirty nudes but not your girlfriend?" 

    Your answer. Sit down for this one. "I just don't see you like that." Oh yeah, he did. Some men see their girlfriends / wives as pure, the mother of their children, as a virgin. 

    They can't imagine trying on her, pulling her hair, and hitting her on the butt with a strap. In other words, they keep love and physical intimacy totally separate. 

    Rarely will he make love to his partner and be intimate the slutty passerby. No, it doesn't make sense... something about not being raised by the mother as a child. Needless to say, it's some twisted doo doo shit that leaves you with a WTF feel.

    • 6. Chasing a stop/filling that void

    No. 6 Reasons Why do Men Cheat "Chasing a stop / filling that void" - "Hmm, maybe if I sleep with as many women as possible, I can fill this huge void that is in the cabin of my soul." 

    Yes, maybe... but probably, maybe NOT! Some people are just empty, seeking satisfaction and trying to fill it with private part. 

    Yes, of course, 20 minutes of great physical intimacy can take your mind off the "void", but I'm pretty sure that after you hit the big "O"... the void is still there and is probably bigger than before. So now look at you, "You hit an ugly one, you widened the void and you CHEATED your girlfriend." 

    Way to go, friend. Some men like the initial impulse of the chase, "I'm going to hit it" "I'm going to get in" "Ew, this is fun" "Yeah, yay for my dangling." The excitement that comes with the courtship phase (I'm going to get a booty) makes some men's genitals tingle. 

    Once that phase is gone and they settle down with a girlfriend, they are still looking for that rush. Some will keep chasing until they have conquered, and once they have won the loot... they will move on to the next ugly one... while the bride is sitting at home in the pot.

    • 7. You're a bitch

    No. 7 Reasons Why do Men Cheat "You're a bitch" - Okay, I had to throw this in there because well, damn, it has a bit of truth. If you're a bitch, if you're high-maintenance, if you're a gold digger, if you're bleeding and emotionally and physically draining your man from whining and whining, it's no wonder he's being intimate an ugly man. 

    Get your shit together girl Maybe he was getting tired of hearing you yell "Louis Vuitton" when you arrived, instead of HIS name. Who knows, maybe you're a bitch and you suck in bed, or maybe you're actually the ugly one and the "ugly" is actually the "pretty" one. Whoa, depth. 

    I checked myself twice. I'm not a bitch I'm just a bitch when you cheat on me with other ugly ones. Capuche?

    Why Do Men Cheat, Reasons Why Men Cheat, Why Do People Cheat in Relationships, Why Do Guys Cheat, Why Do People Cheat on Their Partners

    Yes, I know... I know... you don't have to tell me. The loot is in the eye of the beer fork, uh, something like that. Perhaps women, like me, have a distorted view of the "other" woman. 

    But to be honest, I can appreciate some beauty and if I go out of my way to say, "Damn, she's ugly"... you're probably ugly. Yes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What might look ugly to you could be hot shit for your man. 

    The real question is, what is the "ugly" thing you give your man that you are not? She's obviously looking for something and who knows, sometimes it's not even us... sometimes they will never meet and no matter how ugly the private part is, they will never disconnect. 

    Remember, just because your ugly on the outside doesn't really mean your ugly on the inside. Not-so-attractive people attract men all the time because some were blessed with a good sense of humor, personality, and probably the ability to give a cruel blow job. 

    Never forget that some men just love their white trash. No matter how kinky you do it, no matter how hard you try, no matter how dirty you drive... there will always be someone dirtier than you, nastier than you, uglier than you and has no problem doing nasty.

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