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    19 Historic Florence Nightingale Quotes and Say about Nursing

    Our selection of the best Florence Nightingale Quotes 2021 and A short story about the famous lady with a lamp. Florence was a truly heroic figure. We all know who this famous Florence Nightingale is. 

    She was a nurse by profession, and spent many night shifts providing personal health care to those in need. She treated the wounded and sick with the same grace as everything else, Florence was both a lady and a caring nurse.

    What was Florence Nightingale's motto? What did Florence Nightingale say about nursing? What is the main idea of Florence Nightingale? This woman is a true heroin in the world of medicine... Yet, in 1850's England and Europe, women were not permitted to practice medicine. 

    She revolutionized the concept of "nursing" and birthed a modern movement embracing public health. Her views on women's roles, hospitals and administration are still influencing us today.

    Florence Nightingale Quotes

    Below this story / biography you will find, in my opinion, 19 unforgettable "Florence Nightingale Quotes" to be remembered and passed down from generation to generation. Have fun and share with your friends.

    Florence Nightingale Quotes 2021
    (Florence Nightingale Quotes)

    How little should be possible in a feeling of dread.

    It is better to die ten times on the surf, which symbolizes the way to a new world, than to stand idle on the shore.

    There is no essential for my life that I can think back on without torment.


    So never miss an opportunity to emphasize the beginning of the work, or at least a little, because it is amazing how often in such cases the mustard seed sprouts and grows.

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    She said that the substance and color in the things around us actually have a physical impact on us, and how we feel.

    Thirsty for the "return of the day," which is often shown to the sick, is usually not a matter of seeking light.

    The martyr makes no sacrifices for it. Or rather, not in vain; because they make the egoists more selfish, the lazy… lazier, and the lesser ones less.

    The relief and comfort that patients feel after the skin has been thoroughly washed and dried is one of the most common methods seen in a patient's bedside.

    Instead of wanting as many female doctors as possible to join the existing ones, I want to see as few doctors, male or female, as possible.

    I think emotions are dispelled by words; they all need to be transformed into action that produces results.

    I describe my success in this - I have never made an excuse and I have not accepted any excuses.

    What a horrible thing war is, no one can imagine it. These are not wounds, blood and fever, sores and weakness, or diarrhea, which is chronic and bad, cold and heat and hunger.

    If no one was satisfied with what they had, the world would not be able to get anything better.

    Famous Florence Nightingale Say and Quote 2021 (Nursing Art)

    The first requirement in the hospital is not to harm the patients.

    The world is coming back because of the death of everyone who has to give up the development of his special gifts for the sake of the assembly.

    The only English patients I know who refuse tea are those with typhus; and the first sign of their recovery was that they wanted to drink tea again.

    To comprehend God's considerations, one should learn science... the proportion of one's motivation.

    No man, not even a doctor, has ever explained what a nurse should be unless she is "dedicated and obedient." This description is also suitable for the carrier.

    I lived and dozed in a similar bed with English checks and Prussian homestead ladies... no lady stirred more love among ladies than I.

    About Florence Nightingale

    She was born in Italy, more specifically in Florence. Her date of birth is May 12th, 1820. When the terrible Crimean War broke out, she assembled a team of like-minded nurses and arrived at a British base hospital just when medical attention and care were urgently needed. 

    The story goes that this amazing group of nurses has counted an incredible number of deaths at more than two thirds. Florence and the other nurses accompanying her treated the wounded and also significantly improved the sanitary conditions at the British base hospital.

    Her next big achievement was the opening of the St. Thomas Hospital and School for the training of nurses. All this happened in 1860.

    Tragically, Florence died in London on 13th August 1910.

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