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    4 Tips to Get the Spark, Bring Intimacy and Rekindle Love Romance Back in Marriage

    How to Get Romance Back in Marriage? People are asking about how to get romance back in marriage, after being married for a long period of time. There are times that people tend to feel bored when they are already married, especially when there are no longer sparks in their relationship. 

    Sparks are usually excitements that couple feels when they are newly married. Everything seems to be fine and happy during the first few years of marriage. 

    But as a year passes by, things may get different and both of you may find each other boring. This is of course not a good sign, because sometimes this can lead to divorce wherein your children will be the ones who will get affected. 

    Couples today need to know how they can work things out, before even filing a divorce case to the higher courts.

    How to Get Romance Back in Marriage?

    How to Get Romance Back in Marriage, How to Bring Back Intimacy in a Marriage, How to Get the Spark Back in Your Marriage, How to Rekindle Love in a Marriage, How to Bring Love Back into a Loveless Marriage
    (How to Get Romance Back in Marriage?)

    There are different ways on “How to Get Romance Back in Marriage”, and all you have to do is to execute them properly and sincerely.

    • Renewing of Vows

    This may sound too sweet for some people, but if renewing the vows that you both have for each other back then will help bring the romance back then do it. When a person wants to renew his vows to his wife, it shows an affirmation that he is seriously willing to commit his entire life with his wife. 

    The vows that you will say and your partner will say to you, will help both of you to realize the things that you loved most about each other way back. It will also help you to think things through, from the hardships that both of you experienced, to the happy moments of your lives.

    • Surprise Each Other

    For people who are asking about how to get romance back in marriage, then knowing how to surprise each other would definitely be ideal. There are things that both of you don’t do on a normal day. If your partner is not the type of person who likes surprises, then you can do it yourself. 

    Surprise your partner in different ways that your partner will surely love. You can do something that you have never done before, or something unique from the rest of the people you both know. This will surely spice things up with you and your spouse. 

    You can make a reservation to one of the favorite restaurants that your spouse has. You may also surprise your spouse with a vacation that will take place immediately. Surprises are one of the best ways to get the romance back in your marriage.

    • Spending More Time

    Being busy can be one of the many causes why marriages are turning boring. The reason behind this is because you no longer have time for each other, because you are often both tired from work. You don’t have time to talk about each other anymore because both of you would rather sleep. 

    One of the best ways that you can do is to allot a day of the week where both of you can spend with each other. You can make every Saturday your day, where both of you can spend time together. 

    You can go out of a dinner, short trips or even stay at home and watch your favorite movies. In this way the bond and the sweetness that you both have for each other will rekindle.

    These are some of the ways on how to get romance back in marriage, to make things spice up. Saving your marriage is one of the most important things that you do for your spouse and for your children. Start bringing the romance back by following the tips mentioned above.

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    How to Get the Spark, Bring Back Intimacy and Rekindle Love in a Marriage

    How to Get Romance Back in Marriage, How to Bring Back Intimacy in a Marriage, How to Get the Spark Back in Your Marriage, How to Rekindle Love in a Marriage, How to Bring Love Back into a Loveless Marriage

    Tips no.1 on “How to Get Romance Back in Marriage?”

    • Create a Juicy Relationship Vision

    How to Bring Love Back into a Loveless Marriage? Chances are, if you have had a serious relationship for several years or more, the dreams and goals you had when you entered the relationship have been fulfilled (or not, depending on which choice was made): get married, buy houses , have kids, build a career, go on vacation, start saving for retirement, etc.

    Here you are. Let's say your kids have grown up and gone to college, and you are entering a new chapter in life. You have an exciting opportunity to rethink your relationship, a rich and open rework opportunity is now available.

    What's happening? What do you want for yourself? Do you have a vision that guides and inspires the trajectory of your relationship? Does it let you know that you are intentionally together as a couple? Do you have a specific relationship goal?

    What about a vision of your physical intimacy and your physical love life together? Disappointments, disappointments, physical intimacy related problems and "dysfunctions" are a normal part of life for all couples in long-term love! These challenges can be used as fuel for personal growth and shared growth. 

    However, most couples find themselves in a quagmire of complaints, feelings of separation, resignation, rejection and powerlessness and do not know what to do. It's so easy, it's part of human nature, to know what you don't like and what you don't want, but what do you want? What's your deepest desire for your relationship?

    It's time to create a vivid vision of the relationship!

    If you don't create an inspired vision of the relationship, your relationship will remain the same. The problems in your intimate life will either remain the same, or get worse, or they will be buried and "forgotten." In any case, with each new added layer of disappointment, pain, resentment, frustration, more and more *life* will be drained from the "vital" part of your physical life. You may have already begun to notice this process.

    If so, I assure me, this trend is reversible. This culture may collectively believe that arousal and passion for physical intimacy subside over the years, and your physical interest and desire diminish with it, but this is only due to misunderstandings, misinformation, and more importantly, a lack of information about nature, intimacy and what it could be.

    Your physical relation life can regain its * brightness * and * vitality *, no matter how complex or comatose it is. Your physical relationship life is literally meant to fuel your vitality, your love, your creativity and your passion - even your soul - not just in the bedroom, and not just as a couple, but for you individually as a woman and in all aspects of your life. (You may have never thought of physical intimacy this way before.) No matter what the problem is, you * can * get that spark and liveliness again!

    The best way to start is to create a picture in your mind, an inspired vision of the relationship that will pull you more and more towards it over time. If you have no vision, there is nowhere to strive and there is no reason to grow. 

    The happiest and most successful couples I have met in my life (and research confirms this as well) are those who continue to learn and grow together. Having a vision creates just such an opportunity. Creating a vision will help you see the potential of your relationship.

    What's yours?

    How to Get Romance Back in Marriage, How to Bring Back Intimacy in a Marriage, How to Get the Spark Back in Your Marriage, How to Rekindle Love in a Marriage, How to Bring Love Back into a Loveless Marriage

    Tips no. 2 on “How to Get Romance Back in Marriage?”

    • Apply the Magic Relationship Ratio

    How to Rekindle Love in a Marriage? Can you remember a time when passion defeated sleep? Where was it easy to postpone dinner to enjoy an hour or so of new fun with your beloved? Or how about the time you found yourself staring at your man, feeling like the luckiest woman in the world?

    Where have these feelings gone? What happened?

    Like many of us, “life just got in the way,” we found ourselves caught up in the day-to-day chores with kids to be raised, careers to be managed, bills to pay, households to start, to-do lists overcome, etc. it's not that you don't love each other anymore. In fact, your love can be deeper and stronger than ever, now that you know you can weather any storm that comes your way.

    But somehow the magic is gone. You know it’s important to return, but where do you start if there’s not enough fuel for that spark?

    The first thing to look out for in order to set the stage for rekindling passion is the overall emotional atmosphere of your relationship. Is it one that is usually more positive or more negative in tone? And if overall positive, how positive is it?

    Passion needs a positive atmosphere, because passion literally means "YES!"

    YES, for pleasure!

    YES, give AND receive!

    YES, to open your heart wide!

    YES, love each other with full dedication!

    YES, say yes!

    Since the expression of passion is associated with vulnerability (the risk that your YES may be met with a NO answer), it requires an atmosphere of exceptional emotional security. 

    You need to be able to believe that there is no scathing remark or selfish gesture lurking around the corner, and instead be able to relax knowing that time with your loved one is safe haven.

    So how do you create this security (which you may have been missing for years)? How do you create an atmosphere in which passion is reborn again?

    The secret is to apply the Magical Relationship Ratio.

    The world owes its thanks to lead relationship researcher Dr. John Gottman for this landmark rebuilding romantic relationship, his Washington State Love Lab, and the thousands of couples who have contributed to his research over the past 30 years.

    Dr. Gottman was a family therapist who wanted to know what exactly separates marriages that work from marriages that don't. He revolutionized the understanding of successful relationships, using rigorous scientific procedures to observe the habits of married couples in unprecedented detail over the years.

    His results allowed him to predict with an accuracy of 93% (!) Which couples will be happy in a relationship and which will end in divorce.

    It turns out that when you look at positive interaction in a relationship, you find things like:

    - To be kind

    - showing interest

    - To ask questions

    - be empathetic

    - Be kind to each other

    - be affectionate

    and you are looking at everything negative, for example:

    - hurt feelings

    - criticism

    - dislike

    - anger

    - disappointment

    and you look at the ratio of positive and negative, there are five times more positive things that work in a relationship than negative ones.

    What's remarkable about the ratio is that the equation is not balanced (it's not 1: 1, but 5: 1). The negative has a much greater ability to hurt and harm than the positive - to heal and bring you closer. This goes to show that if you do something bad that hurts your partner's feelings, you have to fix it by doing 5 positive things!

    By the way, couples preparing for divorce have a ratio of 0.8 to 1 (slightly more negativity than positivity). On the other hand, the most successful couples (what Dr. Gottman calls his so-called “Master of Marriage”) who stay together for 20 years or more have a 20: 1 positive to negative relationship!

    So, are you giving your relationship a 5 to 1 odd?

    As an experiment, track the number of positive and negative interactions you and your spouse have over the course of a typical day. What have you noticed?

    Whatever your ratio, what happens if you increase the positive number a few steps on another day? Are there more opportunities for gaming passion and intimate connection, even if you don't even try to do it?

    Let me know! Get ready to put on this white coat and turn your home into a new love laboratory!

    I wish you great results! ~ Jan

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    Tips no. 3 on “How to Get Romance Back in Marriage?”

    • Learn to Speak Each Other’s ‘Love Language’

    How to Get the Spark Back in Your Marriage? Imagine... neither you nor your girlfriend were born in the USA. Nice girl from Bali, Indonesia, and you, say, from Rome, Italy. One day, while traveling abroad on vacation, you met by chance while on a group hike in the Himalayas. You kept dating and fell madly in love.

    Since your sweet friend is from Bali, wouldn't you naturally want to learn Balinese? Would you like your partner to know a little Italian too? 

    Of course! I mean, it would be selfish if you told your husband-to-be, “You need to learn to speak Italian because Balinese is too difficult for me and I have no ability for languages. anyway. "What if he tells you," I don't understand Italian. I'll just keep speaking Balinese and you can do whatever you want. "

    I felt irritated and resentful that the person I loved the most didn't even want to learn how to pronounce simple romantic phrases. And I would be so excited and so loved if he did it!

    You know what, this is exactly what we do with each other in a relationship when it comes to speaking to each other in love languages... we don't! (Unless, of course, we are lucky and we both do not speak the same primary love language).

    Dr. Gary Chapman, author of Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Communication with Your Partner, has written a wealth of papers. Based on 30 years of marriage counseling, Dr. Chapman identified 5 major languages of emotional love. They are:

    • Confirmation words

    • Quality time

    • Receiving gifts

    • Service certificates

    • Physical touch

    Typically, we all have a primary love language that we tend to use to express love for our partner, and a primary love language that we like to have our partner speak that makes us feel loved.

    Learning to speak fluently in your partner's primary love language is the key to maintaining a life of love together and keeping the spark.

    I will give you an example of how speaking in the language of each other's love (or not) can affect the "spark" in your relationship.

    Last week I got sick and lay in bed while my beloved took care of me. He was great. He prepared hearty meals for me, made sure that I had everything I needed, made sure that I did not do anything that could interfere with my rest, etc.

    It was really gratifying, but I didn't necessarily have a feeling of love for his gestures. That is, I didn't care if I had to order pizza myself with delivery for 4 days! I worried how we would have all this time to talk and make up for lost time. My primary love language is words of approval, not acts of service.

    Nothing would make me love this person more than if he told me, “Honey, you are so amazing. Tell us more about how you created your information product that you worked on so much. I read it last week and I just know how many couples you are going to help with this. " Ah, that would be so good! I would be so excited to hear these words.

    The main love language of my beloved is physical touch. But since I was sick and he didn't really inspire me with any words of confirmation, I didn't really want to kiss him or be around.

    So, not only did he not feel appreciated for everything he did for me, but he also did not enjoy physical intimacy. It was some kind of disaster!

    As a result, there are NO sparks between us, nowhere.

    To quote Dr. Chapman: “We cannot rely on our mother tongue if our spouse does not understand it. if we want him or her to feel the love we are trying to convey, we must express it in his or her primary love language. "

    So, if you want to spark your marriage tonight, go out and get a copy of Dr. Chapman's book, fill out the questionnaire in the back - one for you, one for him.

    Write down and share with your partner the three ways you love being loved in your primary love language. And be specific.

    For example, my primary love language is words of approval. I wrote in my newspaper: “I love to be loved, when my partner:

    1. Expresses how much he wants me.

    2. Tells me what he sees and appreciates in me.

    3. Cheers me up when I feel fear (e.g., "Honey, you are so amazing. I KNOW you will be great!") "

    My partner's primary love language is physical touch. He wrote: “I feel most loved when Jan:

    1. He puts his head on my shoulder and rubs my chest.

    2. Comes up to me from behind when I wash the dishes, hugs me and kisses my neck.

    3. It gives me pleasure verbally for no purpose and for no particular reason. "

    After you've made your lists, post them somewhere you'll see them often (like on the refrigerator). Over the next week, agree to give each other each of the three different expressions of love at least once each.

    Let me know how you are doing! See if it makes you suddenly feel... in the mood!

    How to Get Romance Back in Marriage, How to Bring Back Intimacy in a Marriage, How to Get the Spark Back in Your Marriage, How to Rekindle Love in a Marriage, How to Bring Love Back into a Loveless Marriage

    Tips no. 4 on “How to Get Romance Back in Marriage?”

    • Expand Your Lovemaking Repertoire

    How to Bring Back Intimacy in a Marriage? They say that "diversity is the spice of life." And when it comes to physical intimacy, it's his blood.

    Boredom and predictability in the bedroom can undermine physical desire. When things get mundane, it's easy to fall into a rut, or worse, completely lose interest.

    The secret is to expand your lovemaking repertoire.

    This does not mean: "Okay, dear, let's learn all the tricks for intimacy tonight." "And tomorrow night, how about tying me up?" It doesn't mean at all, though, if it's for you, don't let me stop you; )

    Expanding your lovemaking repertoire includes discovering new ways to deliver sensual, emotional, and erotic pleasure to your partner exactly the way your partner wants it.

    The number one mistake women make in intimacy is to give a man what she wants and vice versa. It's the same with men.

    Ultimately, we, both women and men, want the same thing from our partner - to feel loved, satisfied, appreciated, accepted, and desired - but what it takes to do this can be very different.

    For example, when men think about making their physical intimacy life more exciting, they often think in terms of physical mechanics: "What new physical techniques can I introduce?" "What's the last intimacy toy she might like?"

    And women, on the other hand, tend to think in terms of emotional closeness: "How can I feel closer and more connected to my man?" "How can I get more sensual touch and affection when we make love?"

    Men and women have different approaches to lovemaking. Male physical relation style tends to be linear and focused — orgasms! while feminine physical relation style tends to be circular and process-oriented: all lovemaking is enjoyable and fulfilling in and of itself, and most importantly is a sense of connection.

    So, expanding your lovemaking repertoire means being willing to go beyond what you think is "natural." If you stick with what feels "natural", comfortable, or familiar to you, you will continue to do what you have always done in pairs and you will get exactly the same results. The expectation of something different is what Einstein called "madness!"

    As for your husband, he can expand his lovemaking repertoire by learning how to give you a slow, seductive, sensual full body massage - that will drive you crazy and revitalize your innate inner intimacy goddess!

    Expanding your repertoire for lovemaking as a woman can mean learning to erotically blow your husband's mind. Imagine this scenario: he came home from work. You greet him in something beautiful and hot. 

    Look him straight in the eyes and, without saying a word - not even "Hello", unbuckle his belt, zip up his pants and give him the most enthusiastic blowjob in his life. You will be amazed at how willing he is to help you with the dishes that evening. This is not manipulation. It gives him something that deeply touches his heart. This is how most men love to be loved.

    So, what are the 3 ways you love to be loved sensually and erotically, and what 3 ways he loves to be loved physically are not in your current lovemaking repertoire yet? You can talk to your husband or ask his friend - he will be happy to tell you!

    Combine what you find tonight (and let me know the progress report tomorrow)!


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