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    What Serious Relationship Questions Can You Ask a Girl and a Guy?

    Relationship Questions: In our modern society the relationships are challenged by many issues. However, the basic foundation for a successful couple remains the same. Communication is the key factor in a relationship. 

    Relationship Questions

    Relationship Questions, Serious Relationship Questions, Relationship Questions to Ask a Girl, Relationship Questions and Answers, What are Some Deep Questions to Ask
    (Relationship Questions)

    We already know that men and women process or present information differently. But new research has been done on just how opposite our brains can be. The study covers everything - Relationship Questions, relationship issues, such as why a guy's communication style is so confusing for women. And you need to know this.

    By understanding how his and your brain works, you can prevent fights and get answers to your Relationship Questions.

    Here, we identify four Relationship Questions in which our brains do not match and explain new discoveries so you and your partner can meet happily in the middle.

    I take 20 minutes to fill in every detail of my crazy day, why did I get a "fine" in response when I asked how it was?

    When he gets quiet, don't feel like he's in no mood to share. Research shows that the planum temporal region, the part of the outer layer of the brain that recognizes and uses language signals, is thinner in men than in women. This explains why men have nothing “important” to say.

    With a thicker temporal plane, women are professional at picking up signs that someone wants to talk about a topic. They are also great at expressing themselves. This is because the presence of estrogen when they are produced in the womb is more directed towards the development of the language parts of their brain. For boys, testosterone is no longer needed to develop their spatial skills.

    Women need to come to terms with the fact that guys can't have conversations with them like girlfriends. Men share common interests and activities, such as hoop shooting, rather than talking. So, instead of trying to snatch personal information from a guy at a cocktail when the pressure is constantly on you, save that time for conversations on non-busy topics like movies.

    Then catch up with him when you are doing something physical together, like painting your apartment. Since guys are best at answering specific questions, try: “You mentioned that you had dinner with an old friend of yours. How did everything go? "

    We were both clearly on our first date, but why doesn't he remember things, how fun it was when the waitress thought we were brother and sister? I WONDERFUL, WAS THIS NIGHT EVEN MEANED TO HIM?

    Women tend to get hurt when guys can't remember things, they thought were important, like the events of their first date. But guys have a fuzzy memory because they don't care. Men and women store memories in different ways. Men rely more on the right side of the amygdala, which focuses on the big picture. This means that he knows you had a great first date, but may have a hard time remembering the little details that you remember.

    Women rely more on the left side of the amygdala to shape emotional responses to events. The woman's brain then orders the memories based on how significant they thought the detail was. So, for example, they will probably remember that it tasted a bit like the pizza they ate before your first kiss.

    To make guys remember, start by remembering the facts about the event, from large too small. Guys remember the big picture, but when they process information, they are also more fact-oriented than emotional. Calling out what he can probably pull out (you had a date; you went to a bar next to his old house) will help awaken his memory.

    Work is crazy for both of us, but while I am dying to hang out and get out, why are MT's bosses SO TOO TOO TOO, WHY HAS HE HURTED... HIMSELF?

    He's not a heartless jerk. At least not intentionally. When he is under stress, he has less activity in the areas of his brain responsible for empathy. Basically, he doesn't understand that you feel hurt when he backs down. As a result, he stinks from the attitude towards you at this moment and wants to be alone.

    Girls, on the other hand, have more activity in the area of the brain that helps us communicate with other people, which makes women chat about things that piss us off. Women are usually more seriously upset than men because they have 50% less of the hormone serotonin, which makes us feel good by pumping through the front of their brain. This prevents them from bouncing back.

    Forcing men to talk when they are under stress can backfire: they will feel depressed and women will feel hurt. In stressful situations, men think they are fighting or running, and can get nervous when they cannot be alone. Better to leave them alone for a while. Call someone who knows how to listen. Then tell your boyfriend that you know he needs space right now, but would like to talk to him when he's cold.

    Why didn't he tell me that a friend of his was coming from overseas the same night I planned a romantic dinner? HE DOESN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY I'M KILLING SO?

    The corpus callosum, the area that makes people admit that something is wrong, is less active in men, so he thinks that everything is fine until the women say that it is not. And when women start arguing, they feel the same fight-or-flight response when they are stressed, so its effect is to alienate women.

    The more active corpus callosum of women makes them talk when they think there is a problem. Women's brains are also impregnated with cortisol, the stress hormone when they are angry, which makes them feel truly angry. And if, after pointing out the problem, they have a blank expression on their faces, their brains take it as a sign that men don't care, which makes women even more angry and makes men defend themselves.

    The next time you have a fight, try to set aside time to take five seconds in and five seconds out. It calms you down and men are less likely to block women.

    Avoid this zone of emotional warfare, and you two will be able to Relationship Questions in the relationship.

    Serious Relationship Questions to Ask

    Relationship Questions, Serious Relationship Questions, Relationship Questions to Ask a Girl, Relationship Questions and Answers, What are Some Deep Questions to Ask
    (Relationship Questions)

    Starting a relationship is exciting and quite fun, and asking the right questions can add to the excitement. It is important to get to know the other person well before making any vital or final decisions. The beginning of a relationship is different for each person, but there are key “Relationship Questions” you can ask to make sure the partnership is going in the right direction, and to learn important information about your partner or potential partner. While some of these Relationship Questions are fairly common, they are still important to ask in any relationship.

    What activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

    While this is a basic question, it is important to ask. This will help you determine if you and the other person have common interests. Even if the answer is not what you are looking for, many say that opposites are extracted. In fact, the person asking the question needs to see if the other person fits his ideal partner pattern. If your interests are wide and varied, then it might not be worth moving forward, but this is definitely your call. This question can also lead to a lot of other conversations as you find out what the other person likes and interests them.

    What are your views on religion/politics?

    There are people who argue that these two topics play no role in their relationship, and while this may hold true for some, it is still a subject of controversy among many couples. It is important that both people in a relationship agree on some issues and disagree on others. When disagreements outweigh agreements, it doesn't necessarily mean the relationship won't work. It depends on how both partners feel about their beliefs and whether they can be respectful and open to beliefs other than their own. Remember to respect your partner's beliefs and expect the same in return.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    This is definitely a question that has been asked by many, be it their partners, school teachers, job interviews, or parents. This is an important question to ask and consider as it allows each person to think carefully about how they see their life in the next 5 years. By asking this question, you will be able to identify the person's ambition and see if you are heading in the right direction. Make sure you understand your partner's answers and ask additional questions if necessary.

    Not only are these great Relationship Questions to ask, they can also be considered good questions to start with. These questions are open-ended, so we hope you get an interesting, well thought out answer rather than the typical yes or no. In addition, these questions will allow you to find out more about your partner or potential partner. A relationship requires both people to work, so be prepared for your partner to ask you the same questions. It is important to take each Relationship Questions seriously and even ask it seriously. This will ensure that you receive honest answers.

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    What are Some Deep Relationship Questions to Ask for First Date?

    Nothing is quite as nerve-wrecking as a first date. Wondering if the conversation will flow and whether there will be enough subjects of interest to converse about is the most stressful factor. Nobody wants the awkward situation of sitting around a dinner table without having anything to say. Keep in mind that this shouldn't be a problem. Seeing as very little or no information is of yet available about the person being escorted on the date, the options are endless for exploration. These are some first date Relationship Questions which will break the ice quickly and pleasantly.

    Where are you from?

    It's an old and typical question but it's still effective. Getting some background around the hometown and where the person grew up will lead to more topics that can be discussed. Showing interest is key for conversation to flow.

    Do you have any siblings?

    Stick to questions that are close to home. Apart from receiving general information, a person's personality tends to come forward more quickly when they speak about people they love (or hate).

    What did you dream about achieving growing up?

    Keep the topic on a personal level but not too personal. Remember that points of interest are the ultimate goal, not a therapy session. If the possibility to expand upon the answer given exists then don't be scared to ask.

    What's your favorite way of passing time?

    This should be aimed at hobbies and things the person likes to do. It's also great place to dig a little deeper. Hobbies are associated with individual characteristics, so indulging on this topic is a surefire way of having hours of conversation. People love to describe things they believe make them unique, especially to someone who is actually paying attention.

    Your favorite part of the day?

    Everyone has a peak time during the day. Some prefer the cool night time when everything is peaceful and others like the buzzing day at certain points.

    What scares you about first dates?

    There is no better connection with an unknown person than relating about the same fears and situations. The fact is both individuals are nervous and it's a good way to deal with it.

    What is your favorite type of music and why?

    Music is a universal language; therefore, it makes a great conversation piece. While on this subject it's important to respect another point of view. Many people take their music taste very seriously and can get easily offended.

    Do you like sports or art?

    There is always a wide variety of discussions that can develop through this question if the same interests are relevant. If it doesn't spark conversation then it's relatively easy to move on to other things.

    Tell me something I wouldn't have thought of asking.

    This will either move into a deeper scenario or become a fun moment which both parties will most probably remember above all else. These questions are based upon getting to know the person sitting across the table and to get a rough description of compatibility.

    If the main problem of the date is not having things to talk about there are many generic and fun questions available to keep the words flowing.

    • So, what color would you associate your soul with?
    • Do you like fresh air or small spaces?
    • Is there a movie or book that really got you thinking?
    • How much time do you spend having fun?
    • Is your job satisfying or are you interested in finding something else?
    • Relationship Questions?
    • Did you like your hometown?
    • Are you a social butterfly or a lone-ranger?
    • If you could be in any city at this moment, where would it be and why?
    • Are there any choices you would've made differently after you knew the consequences?
    • Do you have any pets?
    • What do you look for in a partner and friends?
    • Your best and worst quality?

    There is no specific order in which these Relationship Questions have to be asked, but using them as the conversation takes a natural turn will create more topics to build on. Don't ask any questions if it's simply a means to an end.

    If there is no interest in the answer then don't expect to hear anything interesting. Should the opportunity arise for creating a spur of the moment question about a certain response then don't hesitate to go for it.

    Random Date Relationship Questions to Ask a Girl

    • What makes you a good date?

    • What has happened on some of your worst dates?

    • Have you ever dated a guy who was much shorter than you? Could you?

    • Have you ever dated out of your race? Notice any differences?

    • How can a cheating husband still be affectionate to his wife?

    • How to get a divorce when husband and wife are in different states?

    • How do you feel about students cheating at school?

    • Will getting a divorce make it harder to get permanent residence?

    • What is the purpose of cheating in a marriage?

    • What is the divorce rate between average Americans and the celebrities?

    • Relationship Questions?

    • After my divorce hearing, will they mail me a divorce certificate? How long does it take?

    • How do I get a cheap divorce without using a divorce attorney?

    • Do you pray or believe in God?

    • Do you have or want children?

    • Are you divorced or ever been married?

    • How do you get along with spouse our ex?

    • What do you prefer, summer or winter?

    • What is your favorite vacation place?

    • Have ever been convicted of a crime or felony?

    • Relationship Questions?

    • Have you ever had a restraining order?

    • What are you thinking of at this very moment?

    • Is there one thing in your life you wish you could change? If so, what is it and why?

    • What are your plans today and how are you going to accomplish them?

    • What is one thing nobody knows about you?

    • How are you truly feeling?

    • What is something you dream about doing?

    • Are you a sports fan?

    • Do you drive a truck?

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    Relationship Questions and Answers

    Relationship Questions, Serious Relationship Questions, Relationship Questions to Ask a Girl, Relationship Questions and Answers, What are Some Deep Questions to Ask
    (Relationship Questions)

    Why do men like toys?

    Relationship Questions: Why do men like toys? To understand the male mind a little better, here are a few things about our love for toys.

    Even thirty years later, men are still addicted to toys. Sometimes this craze extends to cars, bicycles, home theaters, tools, phones, computers and even home appliances. No matter how you look at it, there is still something about the fact that they are toys.

    Men love toys. This is not a judgment or a creative way of saying that men need to grow up. This is just a statement of fact. To better understand the male mind, here are a few things about their love of toys:

    Toys are a game. And play is relaxation. Sometimes the world gets too stressful, and after a long day at work, men just want to go home to relax - it's not just about relieving tension and stress. Sometimes it helps when watching news, action movies or slow documentaries. And sometimes decapitating monsters, hitting the head with precision and racing through city streets can help relieve the stress of the day. At some point, teeth grinding, shoulder tension and stamping with feet occur, but this relaxes us.

    Toys are our version of shoes or bags. Clear enough? There is something about them that just grabs our attention and captures our imagination. Of course, there is nothing useful about them - like eight-inch heels and a huge bag with a French monogrammed brand, which anyway does not fill. But there is something really enjoyable about looking at them, touching them and playing with them.

    Toys use another part of our brain. I guess this is part of the unpacking process. When our brains are busy playing video games, plugging in wires, or tweaking our car, we don't have time to worry about whether the future is good or whether we can protect our loved ones from it. This is one of the reasons why men are always tinkering and improving, and why the creators of Angry Birds are now Gaba zillionaires.

    Game time is a time of loneliness. It was something that a friend once told me or something that I read somewhere, and I thought it was so simple, but so insightful. Men need to be alone. Sometimes they just need to be alone with themselves. It keeps us sane. And it somehow energizes us.

    Buying a toy uses an internal time machine. Toys make us young. In fact, toys take us back to simpler times in a simpler era, when we didn't have to worry about the safety of our jobs or the quality of our family's future. There is something good about it. There is something about sharing with your children what your parents have given you.

    Men love toys. Something about playing with them helps the male mind. So, if you see your man acting like a 10-year-old again, nod slightly to say that you understand. And the next time you're worried about what to get him on a special day, get him something to play with. For, as the game console once said, "It's like a dozen long-stemmed roses to him."

    My Partner Picks Work Over Me – All the Time?

    Relationship Questions: My partner is a total workaholic. I used to love the fact that he’s so driven, but I’m starting to think that there’s no room in his life for anything else besides his career.

    All I want is to feel like I can count on him, which is hard to understand when he is almost gone. How can I make him understand that I want our relationship to succeed with his career?

    Sometimes people put more emphasis on their careers or hobbies and end up taking for granted other things that also need nutrition. Because of your boyfriend's time pressure, you tend to crave attention, which is perfectly normal. So, find something to do while your man is at work. Chat with friends, discover a new sport, or play a sport. The more things you have, the more interesting stories you can share when you finally spend time with each other. Your own life will ultimately make you more attractive and more fun. You may even be able to convince him to take a vacation from work and join you in your new hobby. Living separately as a couple will keep him interested and keep you confident.

    The world we live in is mostly career-oriented because we all want to achieve a lot at a young age. You must understand that everything your partner does is also for your future. Men are under pressure. Even if you don't ask for it, we want to be the guy you can count on to take care of you. Be especially patient with him so as not to increase the pressure. The patience and understanding you show your man will be seriously appreciated. This will make him realize that you will be there for him no matter what, and you can become his support and the basis of his future plans. I know this is difficult, but you will have a chance to reap the fruits of his labor in the future. Better to be with a guy who works hard rather than a guy who doesn't work at all. Just keep that in mind and you'll both be fine!

    Be glad he is busy with work and not on someone else! If the situation gets out of hand and he doesn't give you the time you need, address the issue by telling him what you want so that you can feel more confident in the relationship. You should state your needs and discuss various ways to help you stay in touch with each other despite his busy schedule. Sometimes he helps to surprise each other at work by sending flowers, writing letters to each other, or leaving notes on the fridge or in the bathroom (which he can read on the way out). You can even walk into his office or invite him to dinner. Try to keep him thinking about you all day by making a CD of all your favorite songs and leaving it in your car stereo for him to listen to on the way to work, or by sending him text messages or photos during office hours. Do your best to stay in awe of each other and then make a decision based on the outcome. After all, if he doesn't care about your needs and his responsibilities as your partner, then you're better off being single.

    Serious Relationship Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend 

    In today's society, marriage and relationships are not as durable as they used to be. It is important to really know the person you are dating and know that you and your partner are both interested in the same goal. Disruption of communication between two people is one of the main reasons for the separation of people. Before you go too far in a relationship, you need to know what serious Relationship Questions to ask your boyfriend or what Serious Relationship Questions to ask your boyfriend in general.

    Romance or love?

    Since marriage is a permanent decision, you need to remember that love does not depend on feelings, so you need to know what your boyfriend thinks of you. There are several questions you can ask your significant other to find out where you are in the relationship.

    In what areas of your relationship should your significant other love you because it’s not easy?

    How are you and your significant other similar to each other, and how are you different?

    Do these differences or similarities play a role in testing true joy and love in a relationship?

    Who is he?

    Just because your world lights up when you're with someone, that doesn't mean it will always be that way. The things that help a relationship become strong and lasting are things that you strongly believe in, and your other partner should see each other's gaze. Questions such as "what is your religion?" should be brought up early in a relationship. You need to ask other important questions to help you learn how your partner plays, works, and manages his life.

    What do you want your partner the most?

    Is this one of your goals or aspirations?

    Relationship Questions?

    Do you love cleaning or do you expect your spouse to do all the work?

    Do you prefer to be the sole breadwinner of the family, or do you agree that your spouse makes more money than you?

    Physical preferences

    While difficult to talk about, intimacy and physicality can play a large role in a person's relationships and marriage. Physicality is simply the way people communicate and share with each other without using words. One of the deepest questions you can ask your significant other is whether you will have intercourse before marriage. You need to ask your spouse what he considers physically attractive about you. Being able to talk about intimacy with your partner will only bring you and your significant other closer together.

    Finding out how your loved ones treat you is the best way to keep in touch and find out if you will be compatible. Ask him if he thinks you are selfish or limited. Maybe he sees openness and giving in you, or maybe he sees something else. By asking deep questions, you can find out how many children he wants or what kind of house he would like to live in. When asking questions, you may not always be able to assess your compatibility, because many of the answers may change over time. People change, so there is no guarantee that you will always be compatible, but in general, knowing your beliefs, differences, and sexual preferences are things that rarely change.

    Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

    Relationship Questions, Serious Relationship Questions, Relationship Questions to Ask a Girl, Relationship Questions and Answers, What are Some Deep Questions to Ask
    (Relationship Questions)

    Relationships can be difficult at times, but they don't have to. Getting to know the woman you are dating should be. Relationships can be difficult at times, but they don't have to be. Getting to know the woman you are dating should be fun and rewarding. There is a right way to know someone, and there is a wrong way. Remember that everyone has a past, and life experiences are a big part of what makes us who we are. Spending time with someone is a great way to get to know him better, and the questions asked show that he is interested in who they are and what drives them. Here are some good "Relationship Questions" you could ask a girl.

    Most women do not want to share too much information on their first date, but they do enjoy sharing personal information when they know someone better. A few simple questions can be asked about their family's health, siblings, education, likes and dislikes, and past relationships. Over time, as two people get to know each other better, they will discover more interesting and interesting details.

    More difficult questions will reveal the person's personality and make you like him more. The answers you get can also totally put you off, so be prepared for the answers you're looking for. Here are some important questions to ask your girlfriend:

    What would you change in your past if you could?

    What very few people know about you?

    What would you do if you found yourself on a dark highway in the desert?

    Not everyone likes to talk about religion and politics, so it's best to stay away from this topic if they don't bring it up. Answering situational questions, such as what you would do or would prefer, can reveal a lot about a person's strength and determination.

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    Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

    After two people have been dating for some time and it has been established that they are a couple, everything must move to the next level, both mentally and emotionally. Everything you need to know is addressed. Their past and who they are has been revealed, but what about their future? There are some serious questions to ask your girlfriend, and they will help prepare for a future together if that is the relationship.

    Whether you want to have children and how many would you like to have is a great question to ask. It's perfectly acceptable to ask about her past sex life or how many men she has had physical relationships with. If the couple has already reached the point of intimacy, the question of what turns the girl on in the bedroom is an acceptable question and can be an invitation to foreplay. Another great question: can you accept people as they are, even if their flaws are obvious?

    By asking questions that go beyond the physical existence of a relationship, a woman knows that you are capable of an adult relationship that is not just about physical relationship. Remember that deep questions about a person's life and lifestyle can motivate them to answer by asking their own deep questions about you. Be prepared to share something about yourself in return.

    Good Relationship Questions to Ask Guys

    Relationship Questions, Serious Relationship Questions, Relationship Questions to Ask a Girl, Relationship Questions and Answers, What are Some Deep Questions to Ask
    (Relationship Questions)

    There is no doubt that men and women live on different planets when it comes to communication and thought processes. Experts say that women speak significantly more words every day than men. Often times women have to pluck words out of men to get any answer, but there are several ways to improve communication by planning some good questions to ask a guy. Thinking through the questions first will not only give them an opportunity to start a conversation, but also allow a woman to get to know a man. Here are a few you can try.

    What do you like to do on the weekends?

    When a woman first meets a guy, they want the conversation to be easy. If the woman digs too deep, too fast, then the guy begins to feel that the woman is too curious and may back down. By asking general questions at the beginning, a woman learns information about a man, but does not scare him away. This is an open Relationship Question, so the guy should talk about his favorite hobbies in response. It can give the woman an idea of what is important to the guy outside of his job.

    What is one of your biggest pet peeves?

    As the man and woman get to know each other better, the woman may ask more difficult questions. Some questions to ask guys might be related to their dislikes. This allows the woman to know what turns the man off so that she can avoid such behavior or actions in the future. The answer can also tell the woman if the guy is more relaxed or more tense. If the woman might want a relationship with this guy in the near future, this can be a great way to find out how he is approaching a situation he doesn't like.

    Why did your last relationship end?

    This is a serious question and should only be used if the conversation leads to a deeper mood. A woman will only want to ask this question if there is a possibility that the guy is in love with her and may want a relationship with her. If the conversation is strictly platonic and casual, the woman would like the questions to be easier. By asking this question, a woman can learn how a guy can handle a relationship and what to expect from him. If his previous relationship ended over something trivial, she might want to think carefully before entering into a relationship with this guy. The answer a guy gives can also tell her how serious this guy is about the relationship.

    When you want to get to know someone better, you often have to not only ask questions, but also ask deeper questions in order to really learn something about the person. Guys are notoriously aware of this and give short answers, but by asking the right questions, you can expect great answers. Asking questions, a guy's posture and mannerisms can also give your personal information about him. Before starting a relationship, you need to get to know someone better. Asking the right questions ahead of time will save you a lot of grief in the end.

    Awesome Conversation Topics for Couples

    For many couples, the most exciting are the early stages of a relationship, as each person still learns new and interesting things about each other. However, once the relationship reaches a certain point, usually after the relationship has stabilized for a while, it can be difficult to find that feeling of fun and excitement again. This is why it is important to always have interesting topics of conversation so that the relationship remains lively and interesting for both. Here are some examples of conversation topics.

    1. If you could be anyone, who would you be?

    This is a great question because it allows you to see how your partner sees it. Each has a variety of symbols or role models, and it is likely that your partner will try to be like that person. By asking this question, you can learn more about your partner's personality and what they do. You might just be surprised at what your partner is saying!

    2. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

    This is definitely one of the oldest questions in the book, but it really does talk about what a person really wants or wants. When asked this question, you can see what kind of ambition or dreams your partner desires. Depending on what he wants, you can try to translate their wishes into reality. Pay close attention to the answers to this question, as this is a great way to tell what your partner wants out of life.

    3. What's the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

    Asking this question may require deep thought from your partner, but usually anyone can answer this question in a matter of seconds simply because such memories tend to stick out like a sore thumb. By asking this question, you can see your partner's vulnerability and learn the secrets of how to comfort him or her.

    4. What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

    Depending on the person, this question can definitely be interesting. It definitely has to do with a sense of humor or a heartfelt response, and most likely an answer you would rather not know! It's a fun and quirky topic from many conversation topics for couples, but it definitely guarantees a good laugh.

    5. What would you do with a million dollars?

    Almost everyone secretly wants a million dollars. And it's interesting to see what people will do with that kind of money. By asking this question, you can learn how they will handle money and see what financial choices he or she will make.

    Couples have many topics of conversation, and depending on the complexity and duration of the relationship, the topics and "Relationship Questions" will differ. Consider what your relationship is about and what is appropriate. Start learning new and interesting things about your partner; you may be surprised at the answers!

    NOTE: Not all silences have to be awkward, so don't start a rundown of the “Relationship Questions” like a prepared list.

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