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    7 to Save a Relationship – Love Status Romance

    Before anyone can think about How to Save a Relationship, it is important to spend a little energy thinking about what it is. It soon becomes apparent that this is such a difficult problem that you can spend your whole life on it and still not get far.

    How to Save a Relationship?

    How to Save a Relationship with Trust Issues, How to Save a Dying Relationship

    Here are various ways you can better maintain your relationship: -

    7 Ways to Save a Relationship
    * Facts
    * Consider this
    * It can never be static
    * Never forget this
    * An example
    * Narcissism is a destructive personality trait
    * Most of us forget about it

    1. Facts

    2. Each person is a personality, consisting of different physical attributes, which in turn are inherited from two complex people. It could even be argued that not two people are married, but six, because the respective parents are so deeply involved in who their children are.

      Add to all the inherited cell combinations millions of different sensations that are perceived by the senses from the first day of life. A person has a unique brain. One banal comment can be vividly remembered twenty years later, although millions of others have already been forgotten. The reasons why one phrase is remembered and others are forgotten illustrate the complexity of the personality.

    3. Consider this

    4. When you consider how a relationship is composed of two people who have combined their unique and complex personalities, it becomes obvious that this can be compared to language. As words keep coming and going, the number of sentences you can make is endless. This endless variety makes both language and life endlessly interesting. This is why we do not want to die.

      Two changing people, entering into a matter of the heart, create something unique and alive, like themselves and as children, which can be the result of their sexual interaction. Because they are alive and unique, their relationship can grow or die. What happens depends on how two significant people act towards each other, both when they are together and when they are apart.

    5. It can never be static

    6. Just as a person cannot continue to live after their organs have ceased to function, so the relationship between two living people cannot stop functioning while they exist. It follows that the first step to saving something from death is to keep its main organs working. Such bodies are the considerations and actions of two people in relation to each other.

    7. Never forget this

    8. A marriage is a legal contract between two people, but it is well known that it does not necessarily maintain a relationship. Many people get divorced, and perhaps even more live together as hidden enemies. In some cases, they can hardly be in the same room without bristling, and their hearts can fall when they hear the door open to admit a partner, they feel constrained to.

      The connection between them is so rotten that it must either be done away with, or somehow restored, and thus saved; it has a non-trivial effect when it comes to how to maintain a relationship.

      After realizing the complexity of the problem, the next step is to acknowledge that each person is a “different” person. This problem is deceptively simple. It seems obvious that each person is “different”, but it is not always easy to behave accordingly. To truly acknowledge another person's “otherness” is to overcome the pride and prejudice that make up a very large part of who we are.

    9. An example

    10. For example, some parents deny the individuality of their offspring, trying to impose their preferences, likes, dislikes, prejudices and aspirations on their children. The line between education and indoctrination is so thin that most people have to settle for doing it right sometimes rather than all the time.

      Few can avoid passing on even some of their own prejudices, especially in those years when parents are like gods to young children. Small actions and strange phrases are dust that settles on relationships.

      Lack of respect for individuality can ruin the lives of children, forcing them to pursue careers contrary to their inclinations. Likewise, a marriage can be jeopardized when one of the partners becomes overbearing. In such cases, the remedy may be to stop choking the other person by trying to control him or her too much.

    11. Narcissism is a destructive personality trait

    12. This is very difficult to overcome because it is a personality trait of many people that can be changed as easily as you can change your basic appearance. The narcissist walks out of the psychologist or marriage counselor's room, convinced that these professionals are wrong if they suggest something that doesn't fit with what the narcissist thinks.

      Until people are willing to change themselves in relation to others, there is little hope. Likewise, things can be changed and saved if people want to try to change something. In most cases, this should apply to both sides. If both are willing to try to change, there is hope for success.

      Of course, the changes a person might have to make are not the easy changes that he or she would like to make anyway. The principle of “otherness” implies respect for the point of view of another person. This can entail giving up where it seemed to be right.

    13. Most of us forget about it

    14. A man who prides himself on being kind and considerate by bringing his wife breakfast in bed every Sunday may have to admit that it drives her crazy. A woman who keeps her home spotlessly clean may have to give up pride and joy in order to become more casual and therefore more relaxed and happier. These concessions can be very difficult to make, but they can save a breakdown.

      While concessions and retreats are important, they can also be counterproductive. There is always a danger that concessions might be perceived as weakness and an opportunity for one side to dominate. When two people can respect each other enough to retreat at the same time, take turns to give in, there is reason for hope.

      In her novel Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen portrays the roles of these two hostile emotions in good human relations. Hero and heroine overcome pride and prejudice in different ways.

      In different ways, they both become humbler, and this humility then allows them to overcome the prejudices that previously defined and limited their lives.

      Most people can learn a lot about the intricacies of human affairs by studying this book, written by an old maid two centuries ago. It can even be seen as a must-read on how to save a relationship.

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