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    19 Historical Quotes for Work Event Speeches to Inspire You

    Quotes from historical documents, quotes from books and different words shared through the years by some of the wisest people in the world can always be considered to be very inspirational. People use historical quotes at different events, as they realize that words can always impress and move people.


    If an image makes more than a hundred words is a thing that can be seen differently by different people, but words are always meaningful, at least when referring to historical quotes. Some of the best historical quotes can easily be found on different sites and they include many historical quotes about life, love, wisdom, friendship, and the list can be endless.


    A historical quotes can be so meaningful that you will decide to use them at some of the most important events in your life. The wedding day, the engagement day, you wedding proposal, as well as the best man’s toast or a birthday party, they can all become unique events when using some historical quotes in the most beautiful speeches.


    Historical quotes are the best ones to use to make a speech at a workplace event so impressive, that a promotion will come very soon. When people need to talk at events that are linked to their work places, they are really nervous about making the best impression with their speeches.


    Well, some incredible historical quotes can always help you. Beautiful words can shake people and you can easily get such a result when you spend a little time searching for the right historical quotes.


    Historical Quotes


    Here are some of the best historical quotes for work event speeches you can use.

    Quotes about History


    “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up,” - Thomas Edison.


    “If we did the things, we are capable of, we would astound ourselves” - Thomas Edison.


    “History is a witness of the past, light of truth, living memory, teacher of life, herald of antiquity.”


    “All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them,” - Walt Disney.


    “History must itself solve the problem of history.” - F. Nietzsche


    “Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts,” - Winston Churchill.


    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” - Eleanor Roosevelt.


    “History is written only by experienced and outstanding minds.” - F. Nietzsche


    “The names of psychopaths, rapists, serial killers remain in history, but not those who stopped them.”


    “History is a treasury of our deeds, a witness to the past, an example and a lesson for the present, a warning for the future.”


    “The history of the human race is war. Aside from short and unreliable gaps, there has never been peace on Earth.”


    “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it myself.”


    Quotes about History to Inspire You


    Beautiful historical quotes can be found on many specialized web pages, and you can surely find beautiful quotes that can really inspire you.


    Well, the reasons for finding and using certain historical quotes can vary, but they can be a great solution when you're planning to create a speech to impress your audience. In such cases, historical quotes can be an element that will make everyone appreciate your words.


    Historical quotes are meant to inspire everyone, and the reality is that there are some quotes that you will never love. Historical quotes can be used in speeches at various events and they include jobs, promotions, weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, and of course the list can go on with a number of other events for which people can find inspiration in the worlds said some famous personalities for many years. This will make it easier to prepare your speech.


    When you think about historical quotes, there are many such quotes to check out if you're planning on creating the perfect speech. The first thing to do if you want to find some historical quotes that can be used for a particular type of event is to search for historical stock quotes so that you can start searching.


    And you should be aware that historical quotes can be listed based on the subject they refer to or the person who first shared them. When you use a historical quote, you also need to mention the author. The use of historical quotes is considered another form of communication, and people all over the world use and search for historical quotes.


    Many people really love to collect them and read them every time they need inspiration. Historical quotes are really beautiful, filled with meaning, motivation and inspiration. Historical quotes can also be characterized as a form of communication.


    And they can certainly be brilliant and wise. This is why using historical quotes to your advantage can always be a great option. You are going to show everyone that it is not difficult to share a little knowledge.


    Fun Historical Quote Uses


    Many people will be able to add in fun historical quotes for several different reasons. This includes holidays, special celebrations, the opening of speeches and inspirational usage in many different ways. It is important to look into the options available for fun historical quotes.


    Many people will quote something that a president has said while others will quote what famous writers have said. Quotes are interesting and keep the idea that someone had alive well after they themselves have passed on. It is important to look into all of the available historical quotes by having access to databases of these quotes and most are free for use by simply looking online.


    The best thing about historical quotes are the fact that people wrote them down because they are important and can have a very high impact when used to challenge an idea or give a thought somewhere where thought is needed. Quotes come in various forms and can be very long or very short. Some are from war times while others are from peace.


    Most quotes were important in their time while still maintaining their worth until this day. Many people really enjoy historical quotes because they offer a nice form of input from the past. Wisdom is very useful especially in this day and age where everyone has forgotten the importance of people that existed in the past and what they said which made the world the way it is now!


    History Quotes Funny


    Throughout history there are humorous things that people have said. One of the wittiest men in history was Oscar Wilde; an aristocratic writer who lived in the 19th century. Such was his wit that he has had numerous quotes recorded and replayed throughout the years. Here is a brief selection of his finest gems.


    “A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her”


    Oscar Wilde was a married man with 2 children and, like many of the married people who have a degree of wit, often make light of the idea of marriage and the supposed? task? of getting married. However, Wilde had a notoriously? well rounded? love life having numerous affairs with both sexes; perhaps this quote had connotations vindicating this promiscuous lifestyle?


    “Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace”


    Need we read any more into this statement than has already been stated? Wilde and his affairs were exposed in a book called? The Secret Confessions of Oscar Wilde? so it is no surprise that he said things that, in some ways, help to defend his way of life. As a man of the arts, Wilde was in touch with the changing artistic scene and knew that it was getting to the stage of drifting from the conventional, so used this logic to apply it to his lifestyle.


    “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious”


    Living in an imperialist age, Wilde was ahead of his time in condemning patriotism. We can see in hindsight that he was correct to do so (the subsequent wars etc.) but at the time these were highly controversial things to say; not least when we consider that the British empire was at the height of its power!


    Most Famous Quotes in History


    When thinking of a list of famous historical quotes, millions seem to come to mind. Below are listed a few along with a translation of what that quote means in layman’s terms, and the person who said it.


    “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”


    John F. Kennedy; this basically means that instead of always trying to get something from your country, you should be more selfless and try and give a piece of yourself to make your country better. It is a basic lesson in selflessness that every citizen needs to learn.


    “Each nation feels superior to other nations. That breeds patriotism – and wars.”


    Dale Carnegie; this quote is telling us that every nation feels that it is the best, and this feeling of superiority over other nations not only makes everyone promote their own nation, but sometimes it causes hatred and violence between other nations. This quote is telling us that patriotism can be a good thing in moderation, but that it should not be taken out of proportion to the point where it infringes on another nation’s ability to exist.


    “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”


    Mark Twain; this is telling us that there is a distinct difference between supporting a country and supporting a government. After all, governments have been known to drastically change throughout the years, and supporting a country does not always mean supporting its government. Twain says that we should always support our country, but if there is something wrong with the government we shouldn’t stand back and watch the country fall apart.


    Famous Short Quotes History Add Gravity to Your Argument or Point


    Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss for words, unable to hit the nail on the head or cite an example that will make your point really hit home with a reader, listener or audience?


    Consider using a historical quote, as there are many out there that can be used to hit just the right note, strike an emotional chord or add resonance to an argument you are making.


    You wouldn’t be in bad company by turning to a historical quote to help strengthen your argument or sharpen your approach, as many famed and noted politicians have done so for years, adding a certain dramatic flair to any speech they’ve made, and to set an example that their sentiments echo those of admired men and women across the centuries such as Winston Churchill, Plato and Abraham Lincoln among others.


    You can always trust in the wisdom of a historical quote, as they’ve survived over the ages for their wit, wisdom, honor, truth and many other reasons. It’s never been easier to find a historical quote to use, as many websites and books today have quotes arranged by speaker, subject, time period, or even specific emotions that the speaker wants to site or invoke!


    Don’t feel like you’re using historical quotes as a crutch either; think of them as a support for your argument. They’re the extra bit of polish that you need to make your paper, speech or sermon shine on its own!


    Why Should I Care What Was Said Fifty Years Ago?


    Whether we are looking for inspiration to get us through tough times or to help us make hard decisions, historical quotes are one area we look for advice. All of us know at least one historical quote by memory. Maybe you heard one in a movie and it stuck with you for life because of the strong feelings behind the quote.


    Historical quotes were established during serious times. There were decisions to make and someone took a stand exclaiming something that the world will never forget. It could have been one simple sentence but the meaning was enough for others to remember or even live by.


    “Give me liberty or give me death”, “One does not sell the land people walk on”, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”, “Hoka Hey! (It is a good time to die!)”.


    There are different reasons why knowing some historical quotes will be beneficial to you. One reason is because others are likely to agree if your thoughts or decisions are backed up by strong important leaders’ thoughts.


    A second reason is because those quotes may help you in time of need. You may need some wise words to get you through the day. Yet another reason historical quotes are important to learn is because knowing history is important.


    You must know history so that you know how to avoid certain things that have already happened. You’ll see the choices others made and know if you should avoid or make the same choice.


    Just the Facts


    Probably the most famous source of historical quotes is “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations” which was first published in 1855 and updated frequently. John Bartlett, who ran the University Bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts, published the first edition of his book using a collection of quotes he had assembled over the years in response to requests from his customers.


    The first edition of his book contained mostly quotes from the Bible, Shakespeare and the English Poets. In subsequent editions, it has been expanded to include quotes from a much wider range of personalities, including politicians, contemporary writers, and utterings from icons of pop culture.


    Besides “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations” there are now many reference sources for quotations available to the average reader or researcher. With the explosion of the internet, almost every word that has ever been written can be found with diligent searching.


    If you get a song lyric stuck in your head, or a line from a movie or television show, and you want to find out who said it or what song it came from before it drives you nuts thinking about it for days on end, you can simply type the line or quote into your favorite search engine.


    Almost without fail, the mysterious wizards of cyberspace will cough up the exact information you are looking for in only a fraction of a second.


    Using a good search engine is also a good way to check on the veracity of information that may be presented to you as historical fact. Especially with modern viral e-mail, it is easy for distortions, half-truths, and outright lies to be circulated as fact.


    So, it is a good idea to check by inserting the text of the email into a search engine and letting it go to work uncovering the real facts behind the words.


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